For the last 2 years, the company has been focused on supplying reconditioned forklifts to the Dubai and Oman markets. It has been observed that there is rising demand for used industrial equipment from other countries in the Middle East such as Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi as will from Algeria and Morocco in North Africa.

In addition the company also intends to prospect for business from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia where there is rapid economic development. In view of price difference there is also strong local demand for used forklifts which the company intends to prospect and establish a market for.


The company’s strengths are mainly in the following areas:-

  • We are well capitalized.
  • Experienced and competent work force with the necessary technical skills.
  • Excellent business contacts for purchase and sale of used forklifts in various market.

There is significant rising demand for used industrial equipment such as forklifts and given its experience and market contacts, the company is now ready to take its operations to a higher level. There is significant cost saving in using reconditioned forklifts and the Company is confident of its business model